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We want to hear and share your Super Story as an ACM-W member. What has been your best moments as an ACM-W member? How have you succeeded, overcome, brought people together, created, influenced, redesigned, or anything in-between?

Please answer below and we will share.

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When I began on this academic path, I felt intense frustration and panic because the college environment was so fast paced for a novice, especially as someone new to Cyber Security. When I met two astounding ladies named Rae and Ikran who were ACM-W leaders, I felt at ease again. Witnessing two strong, bright, and confident females being successful in their path has inspired me to keep on going.

Now holding one of the leadership positions at ACM-W@UNCC, I continue the cycle of helping and inspiring one another. ACM-W is about having a community and a support system, and now I carry on that environment with our events, meetings, and get-togethers. Seeing other women connect and inspire each other has truly been fulfilling.

-Faye Sefidi, ACM-W@UNCC

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