TICAD7 Official Side Event "Enhancing Resiliency of Community in Africa for Sustainable Development and Health" / TICAD7 公式サイドイベント「持続可能な発展と健康でアフリカ・コミュニティのレジリエンスを強化する」
Registration form for TICAD Official Side Event "Enhancing Resiliency of Community in Africa for Sustainable Development and Health"

Date and time: August 28th (Wed) 2019, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Venue: PACIFICO Yokohama Annex F201
場所:パシフィコ横浜 Annex F201
Participation fees: Free /参加費無料

NGO Little Bees International
Email: littlebees@littlebeesinternational.org

Enlish-Japanese Interpretation is available / 日英同時通訳あり

Despite the fact that Africa is one of the region's most vulnerable and least resilient to environment security, which continues to be exposed to be risk of poverty, climate change, rapid urbanization, and structural transformation, it fails to show almost drastic progress. This session contributes to finding solution to enhance resilience in African community with outstanding practitioners from UN, IOs, Government, and NGOs.



H.E. Mr. Fumio Shimizu, Japan's Ambassador to the African Union (TBC)
Moderator: Dr. Emmanuel Mutisya, African Development Bank Group
Dr. Chimimba David Phiri, Subregional Coordinator for Eastern Africa and Representative to AU and UNECA, FAO
Mr. Yukiya Saito, Director, International Department, Japanese Red Cross Society
Ms. Keiko Sano, Director, JICA Okinawa Center
Mr. Haruhisa Yamanegi, Director General, Department of Organizational Affairs, Japanese Trade Union Confederation
Dr. Daisuke Shiojiri, DIrector, NGO Africa Children Education Fund
Mr. Yosuke Nagai, CEO, NGO Accept International
Mr. Hesborn Ondiba, ABE Initiative/University of Tsukuba
Ms. Florence A. Olum, Kenya Chair, NGO Little Bees International

アフリカ連合日本政府代表部 特命全権大使 志水文雄様(予定)
モデレーター:アフリカ開発銀行 エマニュエル・ムティシア博士
日本赤十字社 国際部参事 斎藤之弥様
NPO法人アフリカ児童教育基金の会 理事&医師 塩尻大輔様
NPO法人アクセプト・インターナショナル 代表理事 永井陽右様
ABEイニシアティブ研修生・筑波大学 博士課程 ヘスボン・オンディバ様
NPO法人Little Bees International ケニア・チェア フローレンス・オラム様
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