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For the next chapter of NE GWiSE, we've decided to pilot a new NE GWiSE Committee and officer role. This committee will be made up of school representatives and officers. Officers are welcome (but not required) to attend the monthly board meetings and are especially encouraged if the officer's school is hosting the board meeting.

The goals for this new committee and officer role are to 1) give general members low commitment opportunities to be more involved in NE GWiSE and 2) give NE GWiSE the woman power and bandwidth to increase our programming.

By becoming an officer, you are putting yourself in a contact list that is broken down by school and by interest area, which becomes a pool that people on the NE GWiSE board can pull from when they need extra hands to plan events (major ones and smaller, more specialized ones). The board will contact you when these occasions arise to see if you're interested and available to help.

For example, if the outreach chair wants to throw an event for local middle/high school students, she might reach out to members of the committee that have indicated interest in outreach to assist her in choosing a school, organizing logistics, determining subject matter, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email new.england.gwise@gmail.com
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