Community Pride 2021 Vendor/Booth Application
The Community Pride Festival 2021 will take place in-person and outdoors on Saturday, October 9th at Mayme Moore Park (43203), exact times TBD. We expect to begin reviewing these applications in early August.

We offer a limited number of community resource tabling/vendor booth/food truck spots, and we are so grateful for your interest and support! Community Pride is by and for the LGBTQ+ BIPOC community of the Columbus area, and we love to uplift the work, services, and talents of our people, so we will always prioritize POC-run or -inclusive organizations and small businesses for these spots. We also welcome applications from vendors whose proceeds or services benefit marginalized people. Since Community Pride is explicitly focused on centering LGBTQ+ BIPOC, fighting all forms of state-sanctioned violence, and supporting grassroots movements over corporate greed, we will review all booth applications with these issues in mind. Even if these don't directly describe the work of your organization, you may still apply.

As part of making Community Pride free for all attendees, we ask for a suggested donation of $25-100 (sliding scale) if you would like to reserve a booth spot. You will NOT be disqualified for not offering to donate.

Please fill out this form as a contact person for your organization or business. If you want to apply for multiple organizations or businesses, please submit them as separate forms!

Thank you for your support, and we'll reach out to you soon!
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Why Community Pride in Central Ohio?
At Stonewall Columbus’ 2017 Pride parade, several community members stepped out into the street to protest the lack of safe spaces for Black and brown LGBTQIA+ folks within the larger LGBTQIA+ community. Immediately, they were accosted by CPD officers, who assaulted them with bikes, pepper spray, and sheer force. Four people––all Black trans and queer individuals––were arrested. They became known as the #BlackPride4.

Stonewall Columbus, which claims to be an advocacy organization “for all” LGBTQIA+ people in Central Ohio, failed to aid the #BlackPride4 after their arrest; refused communication with them and their supporters; resisted public calls for change; and, finally, testified for the prosecution in the trials of the #BlackPride4.

Stonewall Columbus’ gross failure to protect, queer, trans, and intersex people of color (QTIPOC), as well as their insistence on a police presence at Pride, makes it necessary to provide an alternative Pride celebration FOR the community BY the community.
What Does Community Pride Look Like in 2021?
Columbus Community Pride 2021: Fight The Power Part 2 is a mix of virtual and in-person events. With celebratory and educational events ranging from skate parties and documentary showings to invited speakers and art shows, we highlight the vibrant lives of QTIPOC and communities at other intersections of oppression.

Community Pride culminates in the Community Pride Festival on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Mayme Moore Park. The festival will include performance and visual art, arts and crafts, a community resource fair, and more. For Pride Month, June 2021 had virtual events such as a sexual health workshop with TK & Shay, a queer trivia game, and the Queer Art Night, plus we hosted in-person events including a Pride skate night and an art-focused family event with Sebastian's Creative Spaces. Between June and the October festival, we are also planning a drive-in movie, some community service days, and our annual burlesque show fundraiser.

Every Community Pride event, including the Festival, will be FREE to attend. Our pride will not have corporate sponsors, and we will not invite the police. Donate to Pride as an individual or an organization at !

Pride started as a riot. Let’s uproot the weeds of white supremacy, corporate interest, and collaboration with police and state-sanctioned violence -- Community Pride is a movement to restore Pride to its original legacy, rooted in radical liberation.

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