Project LiMITTless
Welcome to the Project LiMITTless where you can register your interest for the programme, tell us your sizes and anything else you feel important!

Project LiMITTless is an ongoing project aiming to give all children with below elbow limb loss access to a Mitt for FREE.

The fantastic news is we have secured 60 spaces in the project so far with the help our two charity partners (50 with Reach - 10 with LimbBo Foundation).

Please be aware that Mitt's are not suitable for children under 3 years old at this time, but please feel to sign up and we will get in contact about when the under 3 Mitt is available.

Each recipient on the programme will receive:

> 2 x Mitt Sleeves
> 2 x Tools
> The ability to swap sleeves at any time
> The ability to swap tools at any time
> Access to our exclusive user Facebook group
> Access to our tool user guides / videos

To be eligible for the programme you have to:

> Be a member of Reach or LimbBo Foundation in the UK
> Have a below elbow limb difference (Mitt's are currently designed for below elbow only)

Once you have registered your interest we will:

> Send your name to the charity you are registered with to confirm you / your child is a member
> We will then select the first recipients
> Once selected, we will send out an information pack via email
> If you are happy with the information in the pack, confirm that you would like to be on the program via email
> We will then assign you a Mitt Mate who will look after you throughout the process

This is an exciting programme and the number of spaces are limited but growing. Both our charity partners (more welcome) and Mitt are actively seeking donors to contribute to project LiMITTless. We are committed to matching every donation that the charities raise, so we are hoping to be able to on board new recipients quickly over the coming year.

Please let us know at the end of the questionnaire if you would like to be updated when new programme spaces become available.

Much Mitt Love!
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