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* First priority will be given to students enrolled in free or reduced lunch. Accessories not provided (ie. method book, mouthpiece, reeds, ligature, cleaning cloth, etc.)
Did you attend Mr. MacDonald's Beginning Band Info Night? *
Do you plan to attend the Instrument Rental Night/Band Orientation in September (date TBA)? *
At this event, you will have the opportunity to rent an instrument from our provided company, and purchase the accessories necessary for instrument maintenance, music stand, and the band method book.
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Each student will be expected to:

1. Study for at least one half year unless the instructor recommends termination of instruction through parental consultation, per the "Add/Drop Policy" in both The Band Handbook and the BMS School Handbook.

2. Attend each lesson prepared with instrument, music binder, and method book.

3. Play the instrument 4-5 nights per week, 20 minutes a night. The teacher may be contacted to discuss a student's progress at any time.

4. Purchase or rent the best possible instrument. Beware of low prices or second hand instruments. Poor instruments frustrate beginners and hinder learning. School instruments are available AT NO CHARGE to those who need one. Preference will be given to students on free or reduced-cost lunch.

5. PLEASE do not handle the instrument until the student receives proper instruction at the first lesson.

6. Accept responsibility for the care and maintenance of the instrument.
By checking this box, you have read, understand, and agree to the terms set forth the Bellingham 5th Grade Beginning Band Handbook, especially the "Add/Drop Policy". *
By checking this box, you have read, understand, and agree to the terms set forth by the Bellingham Music Department and wish to enroll your student in the 5th Grade Beginning Band Program. *
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