FCS-free Database update
A form to allow you to submit updates to existing media or to add new media to the FCS-free database. The information supplied below will be checked and verified before being added to the database. It may take up to 5 working days for the data to appear on the site.

Commercial suppliers of media need to contact 3RsCentreULS@uu.nl for their media to become part of the database.
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If this is an update to a current record please give us the URL or name of the current entry
Please give us as much information as you can regarding the new/updated media information
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If this is an update to a current 'Media name' entry, then please also include the original name in [square brackets] at the end
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If this is custom media not available from a company please enter the DOI reference to the paper where is has been published
Link to the page describing the media
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Please include the name(s) of all cell types/lines that this media is suitable for. Please add each cell type/line on a separate line.
Media description
Include all relevant information about the media here. The information below will appear in the 'description' field of the medias entry in the database.
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