Actions for 2019 Food Week of Action
THANK YOU for participating in the Food Week of Action, October 13 - 20, sponsored by the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and cosponsors from across the country!

The 2019 Food Week of Action/World Food Day is focused on (1) CLIMATE CRISIS, (2) FAMINE, and (3) FOOD SOVEREIGNTY. The goal is to share and amplify the various strategies communities and groups are implementing to address the crises we face in our food-farm system and our climate, and the resurgence of famine.

1) Is your community, congregation or organization working on the climate crisis, famine, and/or food-farm systems change? And if so, what is your primary strategy?

2) Is there an action -- study, research, pray, advocate, celebrate, preach, protest, non-violent resistance, etc. -- that you would like others to know about and even join? This could be something time-sensitive, ongoing and/or something specifically targeted for World Food Day (Oct 16) and Food Week of Action (Oct 13-20).

*** Examples could include: food and farm justice events, protests or vigils, growing food, worship services, collective work parties, lobbying visits, global campaigns, voter registration, workshop/conferences, immigration rallies, ICE watches, civil disobedience. These may be local, national or even international in scope. ***

Your posting will be instantly visible at, and it will posted to the Global Food Week Map at in a couple days.

BACKGROUND: The US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA), the Presbyterian Hunger Program and dozens of organizations around the US and abroad use World Food Day on October 16 to celebrate successes and to highlight the need for food sovereignty. Every October we join with allies and partners globally in a concerted push for actions that help end hunger and poverty, and build more just food and farm systems everywhere.

The Food Week of Action seeks to amplify the solutions being developed by front-line communities, grassroots organizations, and national groups and coalitions to resist the harm in the dominant food and farm system, and to build more equitable and ecologically-sane systems in their place.

Learn more at and join the Facebook event page at
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