#CAP Pre-Assessment Questionnaire 😎
Using the scale provided, please choose the number that best describes your response to the items below.
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Do either of your parents have a college degree? *
I know very little about the best place to start for the college admissions process. *
I am familiar with Coalition App, Common App and the Black College App. *
I plan to apply to more than one college for admission. *
I know that some colleges have both an on-line and paper application process. *
I plan to apply to colleges that cost more than I can afford to pay for attendance. *
Additional materials (such as a letter of recommendation or an essay) are often requested with my college applications. *
I must decide on my major before applying to a college. *
I should apply for financial aid even if I may not qualify. *
My parents' tax return has no bearing on my dependency status. *
I should not apply to a college if my admission test scores and grades are below the colleges' published ranges. *
I am *
As my race, I consider myself *
What type of high school do you attend? *
What is the make-up of the student population at your high school? *
Are you from a *
Do you participate in other activities outside of school? If so, please list those activities. *
Do you participate in a college preparatory program such as Honors, Magnet, IB or AP? *
Do you or are you planning to take courses outside of your regular high school classes (such as a test prep class)? *
Have you ever met with your school counselor about college? *
Have you taken the SAT or ACT yet? *
Have you signed up to receive college information any where else? If so, where?
What Georgia university or college would you most like us to take you to visit? You may list up to 3 in order of preference *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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