Harassment Policy
1. Purpose: Auction Results LLC (hereinafter referred to as Company) is committed to providing an environment for our members, directors, officers, employees, contractors, volunteers and persons served by the Company ("Covered Persons") that is comfortable, safe and free from harassment of any kind. Any type of harassment is a violation of this policy and may be illegal.

2. Definition: Harassment may take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, the following words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation, physical contact, or violence. Harassment does not have to be sexual in nature. Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature when such conduct creates an intimidating environment or prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of his or her position, or when such conduct is made a condition of employment or compensation, either implicitly or explicitly. It is not the intent of the behavior by the offender that determines if harassment has occurred but whether the behavior is welcome by the receiver.

3. Responsibility: A covered person is responsible for helping keep our work environment free of harassment, including the work environment of Company's Clients with whom you have contact. If you become aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told of it, you must report it to Ylenia Mino, General Manager, Human Resources, with whom you feel comfortable. When the company becomes aware of harassment, it is obligated by law to take prompt and appropriate action, regardless of whether the victim wants the company to do so.

4. Complaint Procedure: Any Covered Person, who believes that he or she has suffered harassment in violation of the Harassment Policy, should take the following action:

a. If you are unable to do so without conflict or anger, tell the harasser as clearly as possible that the behavior is unwelcome;

b. If you feel that your supervisor or person to whom you report is not taking the complaint seriously, Covered Person may report such to Ylenia Mino, General Manager, Human Resources. Upon receiving such Complaint, Person or Department will investigate the complaint and recommend to Michael Powers, CEO appropriate steps, including corrective disciplinary action, that should be taken to secure and maintain an environment free of any form of harassment. Such person will report to the Company's Board of Directors and the person filing the complaint, the action that has been taken, and if no action has been taken, the reason for no action.

5. Confidentiality: The Company, including all persons to whom a violation of this Harassment Policy has been reported and persons who have become aware of a complaint, much maintain confidentiality, to the extent possible given the need to investigate. All complaints shall be considered confidential to the maximum extent possible.

6. Retaliation: The Company, or any director, officer, contractor, employee, intern or volunteer may not retaliate against any victim, or witness, who reports a violation of this Harassment Policy. Any person who believes that he or she has been retaliated against should consult a Company official.

7. Declaration: I have read, understand, and acknowledge receipt of the Harassment policy. I will comply with the guidelines set out in this policy and understand that failure to do so might result in disciplinary action including termination of employment, and potential legal action.
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