DOC First-Year Trips 2013: Equipment Request

Welcome to DOC Trips!

DOC Trips has a very limited supply of outdoor gear to borrow for your trip and it is distributed to incoming students FIRST. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every leader who needs gear from us will be able to borrow it. Please READ and follow the directions below as you prepare for your trip:

Step 1 - READ: Look through your packing list online to determine what is required, suggested, optional, and not allowed. You may not need serious backpacking gear for your trip; for example, most cabin camping trips will be totally fine with a duffel bag instead of a frame pack. Carefully read over what you need, figure out what gear you already have, and move on to step #2!

Step 2 - ASK AROUND: Before you go buy lots of new camping gear, ASK classmates, friends, family members, other Dartmouth students etc. if you can borrow their equipment. You do not need new equipment - old-school gear is totally fine so long as it works properly! We don't advise you to borrow hiking boots, but ask around and see what items you can borrow for your trip! Once you've asked around for gear to borrow, it's time for step #3!

Step 3 - BUY: Now that you have identified what you need, what you already have, and what you can's time to purchase any other items on your packing list. We suggest visiting your local Army/Navy Surplus Store, thrift stores, rummage sales, or outdoor gear stores (such as REI, Sierra Trading Post, or EMS). Staff at these stores can assist you in figuring out what kind of gear will meet your needs and budget. If you only plan to use these items once, don't spend much money. However, if you plan to use this gear in the future, it might make sense to invest in more durable outdoor equipment.

**IMPORTANT** - Every year, some trip leaders make the mistake of bringing brand-new hiking boots on their trip. You WILL get blisters on your feet if you are hiking in boots/shoes that have never been worn's not fun and it will distract you from being great trip leader! If you are getting new hiking boots or shoes to hike in, we highly recommend you buy them several weeks in advance and wear them around for several days so you can 'break-in' the new shoes. Wearing your new hiking boots for several days before your trip allows your boots to adjust to the size and shape of your foot...and reduces the amount of blisters you will get!

Final Option: Please explore ALL of your other options before you request to borrow equipment from us. Blitz your friends, groups/clubs you're a part of, your first-year floormates, etc.. to ask if you can borrow their gear for a few days. If you are totally, without-a-doubt unable to find or purchase the gear you need for your trip, we MAY be able to lend you equipment. DOC Trips gear is free to borrow, but we give almost every item to incoming students FIRST before we lend any to trip leaders.

Students may borrow the following items from DOC Trips:
-Sleeping bags
-Sleeping pads
-Frame packs/hiking packs
-Fishing rods (Note: for fishing trips only)

DOC Trips provides all group gear, including stoves, food, tarps/tents, and any equipment needed for your specific type of trip.

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