Basic familiarity quiz about RBTI (#1)
This quiz is to help you decide if you have enough RBTI background to go on to formal classes
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Where is Carey Reams today?
RBTI calls for......
Check those that apply
RBTI is illegal in Nevada
Anions and cations have identical energy ratings or levels
Diet can cause abortion
Did Reams draw parallels between auto accidents and low urine Brix?
Did Reams draw parallels between high urine Brix and asthma?
Ferro Tonic is extracted from animal blood
Gelatin is good for.....
Omega cells are only found in adults
Anions can be broken apart
Cations can be broken apart
Which metals are essential for proper electrolyte levels?
7 Up is fine for RBTI clients
Black pepper is good for the sinuses
Tobasco is good for the sinuses
Tobacco is good for the sinuses
The refractometer can spot the true diabetic
Copper helps tissues
Carrot juice is rich in Vitamin A
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