Congregational Questionnaire
Although our church has not been able to meet together for our regular church activities, your Pastor Search Committee has continued to meet and search for our next pastor. We value your input to help guide us to the person that God has chosen to lead us. Please take time to share your thoughts with our committee as you complete the Pastor Search Congregational Questionnaire.
Which two of the following do you consider the most important strengths needed by the incoming pastor? (Check only two.)
The following are activities to which a pastor may allocate time each week. Read all choices and check the three areas that should be the top time priorities of our new pastor. (Check only three.)
Of the ministry opportunities in our church, which three of the following do we need to continue or develop? (Check only three.)
What do you love about our church?
What changes do you feel need to be made in order to make our church better?
What are some ways that you think we could encourage engagement by all members and visitors?
What three qualities do you feel our new pastor should have?
What one question would you ask a potential pastor?
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