Culture in Lublin.
We invite you to complete a survey about culture in Lublin. Its results will be used to compile a report that we will pass on people creating culture in Lublin. We want culture to be a space of integration, so that all residents and guests of Lublin can participate in it. Help us and tell us about your experience in the survey.
Thank you!

Badanie realizowane w ramach projektu "Niewidzialni mieszkańcy" realizowanego przez Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber dzięki wsparciu Urzędu Miasta Lublin.

Where do you like to spend your time in Lublin?
Your answer
What does participation in culture mean to you?
Your answer
What are your interests?
Your answer
How did you spend your free time from work or study in the country where you come from?
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How do you spend your free time from work or school in Lublin?
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Have you been to Lublin during the last year:
What kind of events or classes, workshops would you most likely come to?
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What cultural institutions or events do you know in Lublin?
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Which makes it difficult for you to enjoy cultural events?
Which would encourage you to take advantage of the offer of cultural events?
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How do you find out what is happening in Lublin?
Would you like to carry out cultural events and activities by yourself?
Would you like to cooperate with community center, gallery or other institution as a volunteer?
Can you speak polish?
Would you like to learn polish?
Is there anything else about the subject of foreigners living in Lublin that you would like to tell us?
Your answer
Your answer
Since when are you in Lublin?
What is your country of origin:
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What do you do in Lublin:
Do you live in Lublin with your family?
Which language is the easiest for you to speak?
Are you planning to stay in Lublin for at least 3 years?
Do you plan to stay in Poland for longer than 3 years?
Would you like to say anything else about cultural activities in Lublin?
Your answer
Thank you!
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