KNIGHTS II Searching for a Grail
This is an application form for Erasmus+ youth exchange
6-17 June 2022
Go Wild Adventures, Wales

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(Optional) Is there a special skill you can offer to the project ? (crafting with fabrics, photography, video, deep knowledge of UK myths, cooking, outdoor skills, yoga, carpentering, etc) and if you plan to use it on the project how you envision it?
(Optional) 5 minutes ONLINE task: create a small campaign/posts/photos/videos/article on "Knights of the round table" theme on your FB, Instagram, Linkedin, website and tag @abroadship + use #KNIGHTS (can be anything you like, for example, creating 1 post to be a knight or 2 ways how to include people or sharing 7 steps how to make a change, or 4 things to take care when going on youth exchange). This campaign is for your friends and community to participate and get better at something, for example, being outdoors or story telling. The more people will follow / like / comment on your campaign, the better. This campaign is also for you to learn and attract audiences to your causes.
You can use social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), personal website, blog, other creative ways. Please tag @abroadship and use #KNIGHTS and for us to follow your campaign and make it more visible and seen by local community.
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1. I will come fully prepared (will read infopack and materials sent by organizers). I confirm that I will bring a sleeping bag, a mat to sleep on and suitable clothes: sturdy comfortable waterproof footwear for hiking (walking boots), waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, hat, clothes to layer, to keep warm (cotton/wool), backpack for hiking. I agree that I am fully responsible for my own health during the project.

2. I will take part in the full duration of the program. I acknowledge that this youth exchange is a learning process and not a holiday, therefore I am committed to work on my development and manage my own learning, supported by the facilitators and peers. Reimbursement will take only if I participate in the full duration of the program.

3. I will take part in the post-project activities: preparation, participation, filling the evaluation form and disseminate the results.

4. I agree that group photos and videos (where 2 or more participants are visible) taken in the project can be fully used in any material by

5. I take full responsibility for my own insurance. I understand that the information provided on special needs does not remove my personal responsibility for ensuring my own health.

6.  I am aware that my traveling tickets to/from UK have to be the most economical. Seat, insurance and other extra's / perks are not reimbursable. Tickets have to be approved by the organisers before the purchase. Reimbursements will be sent as soon as possible, latest 31 December 2022, once (and if) participants take part in  full duration of the programme, fill the evaluation forms, present all the traveling documents, including boarding passes.

7. I agree with all the conditions stated in the information package on
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