Parent/ Guardian Questionnaire
The Boys and Girls Clubs of MetroWest, in an effort to continually review our programs for content and effectiveness, would like to receive your review and comments on our program offerings. Please take the time to give us your thoughts and feedback on programs your child/children have participated in.
How long has your child/children been a member of the club?
Which program(s) is your child participating in?
Age #1:
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Gender #1:
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Age #2 (if applicable for multiple children):
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Gender #2 (if applicable for multiple children):
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Where did you hear about our programs?
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Please select one of the following choices for each statement. If a statement doesn't apply to the program your child is enrolled in, please select N/A.
1. Information is given to parents about the hours of the program including holiday closings.
2. The program has a plan for each day and parents are informed on happenings and special events.
3. Parents feel welcome when they enter the Club.
4. My child's day is structured.
5. There is enough diversity in the program curriculum.
6. Parents are aware of who the program staff are.
7. Staff pleasantly greet parents and children.
8. Staff members display a positive attitude toward parents and children.
9. I am satisfied with the care and education my child receives in this program.
Will you enroll your child in future Boys & Girls Club programs?
Please list any comments, questions, or concerns that you might have.
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