Understanding Our Cyber Security Needs...
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The questions below are a mix of personal and professional ones of optional and subjective type.

Note: Subjective questions are not mandatory to answer.

I will also publish the results of this survey to anyone who requests it. But, I'll hide the personal details like the name of the respondant.
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If you've ever read a book on Cyber Security/Ethical hacking/Bug Bounty hunting, mention their name(s).
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Which cyber security course purchase(s) in your life do you regret wasting money on the most?
What do you expect from such a course(s)? Or what do you think can be improved in such courses?
What makes you angry about such a course(s)?
What's your favorite cyber security related movie of all time?
What are your top 3 hobbies other than cyber security?
What kind of person are you? *
Do you enjoy travelling? *
What are you doing right now for a living? *
Have you ever worked or interned at a cyber security company/startup? *
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What's your goal in life?
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What is your biggest accomplishment in life?
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