Meals on Wheels Request Form
Welcome to the MoW request form! We are a service of the eUS Department of Citizen Affairs

This program was developed to provide food support to eUS citizens so that they can maximize their impact. Please respond to the form below – you may request once per day. All eUS citizens are eligible regardless of your level!

Note that requests sometimes require a few days to fill, but rest assured that we will get you your food!
What is your Citizen ID number? *
The number at the end of your profile link. JUST THE NUMBER.
Citizen Name *
Your eRepublik name!
What is your maximum energy? *
The green bar beneath your name.
Would you like some food? *
Additional comments/questions
If you would like to be contacted with by a mentor that can help with any questions you may have, please say so here
How many times will you be fighting today? *
How many times will you use your maximum energy?
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