Ori Tahiti Flashmob 2019 - 4th Edition !

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For the good organization of this event, please fill this form carefully.
This form is to be completed by an event organizer - individual or association.
Participants who dance but do not organize do not have to fill out this form!
Please complete one form per city (except dissident groups, see below).

This project is completely free and voluntary!
If the Flashmob Ori Tahiti 2019 is not yet planned for your city (and that's true for Tahiti!) Launch!
It represents a little goodwill, a little energy and a lot of kindness and passion, so do not wait for someone else to wake up ["Too bad that the Flashmob is not done in my city" "Why was she not danced in Tahiti in 2018?" ...] ...
-----> We are waiting for you ! = D And this form is here to help you!

You will receive as soon as possible by email:
- Logo of the Flashmob created in 2017 by Karina and Henry, Assocation Merahi Tupuna - Chile!
- Flashmob music composed and played by Teanivai Apini, Heirautini Association Nantes - France!
- Lyrics of the Flashmob written by Teanivai Apini
- Choreography of the Flashmob, created by Mareva Bouchaux, Reva i Tahiti - France

Email address *
Music and video available end of January 2019!
On Facebook and Youtube!
OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/flashmoboritahiti/
PRESENTATION PROJECT: http://marevabouchaux.com/en/ori-tahiti-en/ori-tahiti-flashmob/
Name and surname of the principal responsible: *
Your answer
COUNTRY of the event *
Your answer
CITY of the event *
Your answer
Name of the association, group, dance school that organizes, if there is one :
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Web address of the Facebook page of the association, group, organizing school if there is one (No website thank you)
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----------- BEFORE - I organize ! -----------
---- Choose a date and time
The official date is Saturday, May 25, 2019, but it might not be suitable! If needed, you can shift the Flashmob to a date between April 25 and June 25, 2019!
---- Choose a place
Privilege a place of passage to make known your association and the Polynesian culture to the greatest number!
---- Make a request to the town hall of the city to have the necessary authorizations, maybe needed
---- Find a speaker adapted to the place and strong enough to live the music!
---- Find a cameraman, or even a photographer!
---- Optionally choose a specific dress code for your city!
The white t-shirt with red pareo is a great classic easy to find, but if your dancers are motivated, go for vegetable crowns for example!
---- Decide if you want, after flashmob, dance some choreographies that belong to you!
---- Decide whether or not to create T-shirts for the Flashmob thanks to the logo you will receive by email!

---- Provide a backup solution in case of bad weather
I can plan a room or a simple postponement of the date!

----------- BEFORE - I communicate ! -----------
----- Create a PUBLIC FACEBOOK EVENT entitled: Flashmob CITY Ori Tahiti 2019
ex: Flashmob TOULON Ori Tahiti 2019
- In the description, indicate clearly Place of appointment, Meeting time, Flashmob time, Phone number of contact person, Link to video tutorial, Dress code, possibility of dancing after?
- Thank you for sharing also the presentation of the project: http://marevabouchaux.com/ori-tahiti/flashmoboritahiti/
- Designate the page "Flashmob Ori Tahiti 2019" as co-organizer so that all events are listed on the page! If you do not do it, we will not be able to talk about you!

----- I communicate through my usual media: emails, newsletters, announcement in progress, flyers, posters in the shops. We are counting on you to share the best of Polynesian culture with all those who need to smile, to relax, to return to the basic human values ​​of life!
Talk about your passion, your association, your dancers!
And thank people, as we thank you for joining the adventure <3!

----- I contact the local press to announce my event!
And why not ? Several newspapers published their event the past years, why not you?

I understood that I was responsible for the smooth running of my event and that I had to communicate to promote it in the best conditions ! *
I commit myself to create a complete Facebook event AND to designate the page "Flashmob Ori Tahiti 2019" as co-organizer. *
----------- DAY OF THE FLASHMOB -----------

----- Install the sound system
----- Install my cameraman
----- Welcome the participants
----- Dance with all his heart!
----- Take a group photo and count the number of participants!
On D-Day, I commit in taking a group photo and counting the number of participants! *
---------- AFTER -----------
For several years, I try (Mareva) to make a montage of all the videos I receive!
Unfortunately it has been impossible so far, as has been the precise count of the number of participants or the publication of all group photos.
The reason is simple: these three pieces of information have always been sent too late by each other, by different means, when they were sent ... This project is free and voluntary and requires an energy of madness!
So impossible for me to run after the whole world, in French, in English and in Spanish, by email and facebook ... and it's not for lack of trying;)


-------- FROM 25 JUNE TO 7 JULY ONLY
1. SEND AN EMAIL to flashmoboritahiti@gmail.com with
- NUMBER of dancers who were present on the event
- ONE ONLY group photo
2. Through the website https://wetransfer.com/ SEND YOUR VIDEO (up to 2GB) to flashmoboritahiti@gmail.com

No google drive, no link to a facebook post either, because we need the video file to be able to edit!
If the conditions of dates and means are not respected, if the photo, the number or the video are missing, you will not be counted at all in our staff, thank you very much very much for your understanding =)

I promise to send: *
Only from June 25 to July 7, 2019
By email: A single group photo
By email: The number of dancers
By wetransfer : The video
------------ QUESTIONS ANSWERS ! -----------
------- In case of cancellation:
Thank you for telling us at Flashmoboritahiti@gmail.com

------- How much does it cost ?
It's free, come & dance!

------- How to participate ?
Get closer to the organizer closest to you!

------- Will there be repetitions?
Each organizer manages his rehearsals if he wants to organize, it is not mandatory.
Individuals can learn through the online tutorial or through a teacher who himself learned about the tutorial!

------- Can we change the choreography?
No !
Out of respect for the work we provide, if you wish to dance something else, please create an independent event =)

------ In our city associations are not too good friends! How to do ?
Dance! The main thing is to participate!
If you can not gather, then create an extra event in a nearby city or city, but in a different public place! The whole organization remains the same, you will add to the title of your facebook event the exact location of the Flashmob.
ex: Flashmob TOULON Ori Tahiti 2019 - Freedom Square

------ Can I order t-shirts or other products with the Flashmob logo?
The logo was created for that purpose!
Each organizer manages its own design, creation and sale of t-shirts or other products from the Flashmob.
But we want pictures;)

------ For any other question, please write to flashmoboritahiti@gmail.com

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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