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There are several points where an online questionnaire might show some advantage over a live conversation.

1. You can submit whenever you feel comfortable, in just about the same environment as it's going to be when you work.

2. Since we work remotely, it might make sense to check whether we both find this way of communication appealing and understand each other well.

3. Since this list of questions is the same for everyone, we check the answers fast and go straight to more relevant communication.

Please, make sure you have read these links before going any further:
- https://wemake.services/meta/job-application
- https://wemake.services/meta/employees
Tell us about yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? What's your current timezone? *
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What's your email? *
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What is your primary goal? *
The test assignment *
We have a public test assessment that is required to gain the position. https://github.com/wemake-services/meta/issues/7 It does not take much time to do if you are from middle to senior developer, and please note that it is not a paid job. Please put the link to your submission:
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List as many three-symbol Lunix Terminal commands as you can recall right now. *
No peeping!
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Rate your experience level: *
0 - Zero experience; 1 - Little experience, I use this from time to time; 2 - I work with this almost every day; 3 - Several years of rich expertise, I know some tricks; 4 - Expert level: author of books, conference speaker.
Architecture design
How are you getting along with English? *
Both spoken and written.
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Tell us about couple of your projects you consider to be of interest. If in doubt, just tell about the last ones. *
A possible outline: 1) Project link 2) What does this project allow to do that was not possible before? 3) What was your contribution? 4) What stack did you use? 5) What issues did you encounter and what did you do?
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What motivates you as a programmer? *
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What new technologies have you tried in the last year? What was it like? *
If there are too many, please list the noteworthy ones. If there are none, please list those you were tempted to try.
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What kind of tasks do you enjoy the most? *
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And what are those you do not enjoy? *
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Where can we see your code? *
Github link, etc.
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Do you have any other resources that you want to share with us? *
Something like your StackOverflow account, your personal software blog, conference talks, certificates, scientific articles, books, or patents.
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