Trap Dat Cat - Request Trapping Assistance
Use this form to request assistance in Orleans Parish from Trap Dat Cat volunteer trappers. We can come trap your feral/community cats to be spayed/neutered and released back. (Looking for trapping help outside Orleans Parish? See this page:

*Note that we DO NOT REMOVE OR RELOCATE cats permanently. It is against the law to trap and relocate feral/community cats.*

A trapper will contact you by phone, text, or email as soon as possible. Please note that we do receive many requests for trapping, so there is a waitlist. If you're willing to help with the process, we can expedite your request.
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Your first & last name *
Address where cats are located *
Please provide an exact address if possible.
Your phone number *
Do you text? Sometimes text is easier for us to communicate. It's okay if you don't. * *
How many cats are there? If there are both adults and kittens, please specify. Kittens need to weigh at least 2lbs (usually around 8-10 weeks old) to be fixed. If you know approximately when they were born, please include that date so we can plan to trap them once they are the appropriate weight. *
We are not a shelter. We cannot take kittens. But if you're willing to foster and socialize the kittens in your home, we might be able to get them vetted and help with adoption.
Do some or all of the cats have ear tips? Ear tips are the universal sign for feral and community cats to show that they are spayed/neutered. (Ear tips may be on either ear.) *
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Are you the feeder? *
If you are not the feeder, do you know who feeds the cats? Please include their contact info if you have it. *
We need to make sure the cats are not fed 24 hours before we come out. This makes them easier to trap.
Would you be willing to learn to trap the cats yourself if we loan you traps and teach you how to use them? *
 It's totally okay if you can't, but if you're able to help with any part of the process, we can expedite your request.
Once the cats are trapped, are you able to transport them to the Uptown/Carrollton area? *
Once you drop the cats off with us, we'll do the rest.
If we come to set the traps, are you able to watch them and contact us as soon as one is caught? *
Due to weather (heat, cold, rain, etc) and the potential for animal abuse, it's not safe to leave traps unattended.
How did you hear about Trap Dat Cat?
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