NLG L&E Survey: The Future of the Labor Movement
In preparation for its 2013 Convention in Los Angeles from Sept 7-11, the AFL-CIO is conducting an unusual outreach program to gather a broad array of creative ideas and strategies for building the labor movement. The NLG L&E Committee is surveying its members and supporters as the first step in generating our collective contribution to this discussion. The first 3 questions below, to which responses are required, correspond to the 3 broad themes of the pre-conventjon "listening sessions." The next 8 questions (response optional) correspond to the weekly topics of the online discussion the AFL-CIO is hosting in the leadup to the Convention. The last 2 questions, which are unique to this survey, provide the opportunity for you to suggest strategy for the L&E Committee, and to make your own contribution not covered by the preceding questions. Thanks for helping the Guild shape the future of the labor movement!
1. How should we change the labor movement to speak for working people now and in the future through growth, innovation and political action? *
2. How should we create a voice and prosperity for all in the global economy? *
3. How should we build real, durable community partnerships and effective grassroots power? *
4. The sustained war on workers from the right has left unions trying to prevent rights from being weakened rather than setting the agenda. Where are the opportunities to play some offense?
5. Union density is higher among black workers than it is for any other racial or ethnic group of workers. How can the labor movement use this to build a stronger movement for social change?
6. Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. workforce and their employment experiences are as varied as their individual histories. How can the labor movement solidify its Latino membership?
7. Unions represent only a sliver of private sector workers on their jobs, should labor open its rolls to workers outside a collective bargaining context? Should the focus shift to organizing working people at the community level?
8. Would unions need to change their organizational structure or methods in order to mobilize workers for large-scale initiatives that could strengthen the labor movement?
9. How can we create a culture shift and raise the consciousness of America's public about the need to improve wages and working conditions?
10. The rich keep getting a bigger share of the economic pie while everyone else’s share keeps shrinking. What should be done to reverse this trend?
11. What would a broad and inclusive labor movement look like and do, and what would it need to provide for you to join it?
12. What is the best way for the NLG L&E Committee to Contribute to this conversation?
13. What thoughts do you have about the future of worker representation and collective power that aren't reflected in your responses to the previous questions?
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