EES Parent Survey 18-19
Your input is valuable to our school improvement efforts. Please complete the survey below based upon your experiences with our school over the past year.
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Select your child’s current grade (make only one selection): *
Indicate how long your child has been at this school. *
I have a clear understanding of how students are performing academically at my child's school. *
I am satisfied with my child's academic progress. *
I am always welcome at my child's school. *
Teachers in my child's school help students to achieve state and local standards. *
My child frequently does homework.
I am familiar with the discipline rules at my child's school. *
My child's standardized test results are given to me in a way that is clear and understandable. *
The classrooms at my child's school are comfortable and support learning. *
My child is assessed through tests, quizzes, projects, portfolios, and presentations to show his/her knowledge. *
My child gets to work with technology at school (for example, computers and Internet).
Teachers regularly communicate with me about my child's progress. *
I feel my child is safe at school. *
I know what to do in the event of an emergency at my child's school. *
My child is NOT struggling with school homework. *
My child's school provides after-school, weekend, or summer school tutoring programs for students who need them. *
My child is challenged to do his/her best at school. *
The school my child attends is clean and well maintained. *
My child's school provides a variety of instructional activities that give students multiple options for learning. *
My child's school provides a variety of instructional activities that give students multiple options for learning. *
I know what my child's school is doing to improve student learning. *
My child frequently uses the library. *
When I visit my child's school, student work is clearly visible. *
Additional support and instructional time is available to my child if he/she needs it. *
The administrators (principals and assistant principal) at my child's school are accessible. *
Teachers provide for my child's individual needs for modifying instruction. *
Teachers have high expectations for themselves and the students at my child's school. *
School administrators in my child's school support instructional programs that help students learn. *
I feel that my child is treated fairly at his/her school. *
I believe my child has been prepared to succeed in the next grade. *
Teachers at my child's school develop assignments reflecting our culture. *
I frequently visit my child's school to support instructional activities. *
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