ADRP International Conference 2018 – Photo Scavenger Hunt
In order to be eligible for the grand prize, please submit your information below.


• Your Twitter account should be public and you should be a follower of @ADRPtweets
• Post your photos to Twitter with the hashtag #ADRPConf and the task-specific hashtags listed on the Scavenger Hunt
• Each photo can only count for one item
• Have fun! Use this opportunity to notice, play, and engage
• Be creative with your shots
• Please tweet @ADRPtweets if you have any questions about the Photo Hunt.
• In order to qualify to win, all 10 photos must be submitted by 7:30 PM on October 4, 2018
• Winners will be announced at breakfast on Friday, October 5, 2018

*Important: Please do not post any photos of other individuals without obtaining permission first.

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