LSA Emergency Scholarship Application

The LSA Emergency Scholarship Program provides scholarships for qualified College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) undergraduate students who have experienced a recent catastrophic event and are have financial need.

Poor financial choices do not constitute an emergency (e.g. credit card debt, poor use of financial aid funding, loans to friends or family of need based aid). This scholarship is not intended to supplement a student's financial aid package and we cannot award funds beyond what a student's aid package allows. The LSA Scholarship Office does not provide spring and/or summer term funding. Do not apply for the Emergency Scholarship if you need funding for tuition or housing for spring and/or summer terms. Applicants must meet the criteria listed below.

College Eligibility

Applicants must be continuing undergraduate students pursuing a degree program in LSA or transfer students; students pursuing a minor in the College of LSA are not eligible for this award. Applicants must also be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours during the fall and winter terms or 6 credit hours during the spring and/or summer half terms. Students must apply for and receive need-based support through the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). If you have concerns about the details of your financial aid package please contact OFA directly: Students must also be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident (possess a green card) to qualify for LSA scholarships.

Monetary Award

LSA Emergency Scholarship awards are determined based on the scholarship application and information in your financial aid package from the University of Michigan, Office of Financial Aid. The LSA Scholarship Office has access to each applicant’s financial aid package to establish eligibility and the scholarship amount. Scholarships can cover educational expenses (tuition, fees, room and board, books, etc.) and non-educational related expenses (food, utility bills, prescriptions, emergency travel, health insurance, medical bills, etc.). This scholarship is not renewable, and can only be awarded to a student once per academic year.

Scholarship Requirement

Scholarship students will be required to thank their scholarship donor(s) via a Formstack survey. This survey will be emailed to the student after their scholarship is awarded.

To Apply

Complete and submit the LSA Emergency Scholarship Application. Supplemental information (copies of receipts, medical bills, etc.), if applicable, should be scanned and emailed to Betsy Dodge at as a PDF attachment. Only complete applications will be considered.


All students will be notified by email with a decision, typically within two weeks after the LSA Emergency Scholarship Application has been submitted.

The College of LSA Scholarship Program reserves the right to modify or change this information without notice.