Using Gameblox in groups (classes, workshops, etc)
While looking at our analytics, we've realized that groups of students are using Gameblox. We would like to know more about how Gameblox is currently being used. We'd really appreciate it if you filled out this survey.
How many students are in your group?
Where is your group located?
City, State, Country
What organization is the group associated with?
Examples: Rice Middle School Computer Club, Boys & Girls club at Bethany Elementary, class at MIT
How often does your group meet and for how long?
Example: Monday through Friday, for 1 hour each day, for 3 weeks.
Games made by your group
Do you have a links to projects made by your group?
Your e-mail address (optional)
If you would let us follow up, we like knowing who is using Gameblox in workshops and we may have more questions. If you provide your e-mail here, we would only use it to ask more group related questions.
Other comments
Anything you want to tell us? Any trouble that you have had. Any feature that was commonly requested?
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