60-Second Survey - Key Stage 3 Mathematics
The Mathematical Association would like to hear from any teachers of KS3 mathematics in the UK. In your opinion, what issues are currently affecting the teaching and learning of mathematics in KS3?

A summary of the answers to this survey will be published once there are sufficient responses.

In what type of school do you teach? *
What is your role? (You may choose more than one) *
In your opinion, what sort of an impact have the following had on the teaching and learning of KS3 mathematics in your context? *
Strongly negative impact
Somewhat negative impact
Zero impact
Somewhat positive impact
Strongly positive impact
Don't know / does not apply to me
The new KS2 Programme of Study and its impact on incoming Year 7 pupils
The implementation of mastery approaches to teaching in KS3
New resources and schemes of work/learning
Changes to GCSE Maths impacting on KS3
Change to number of hours per week of maths lessons in KS3
Assessment without National Curriculum levels ("life after levels")
School/department data collection practices
Number of maths specialists teaching in KS3
Please give any further comments on the significant impacts you have seen in KS3 mathematics (whether listed above or not)
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