Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics (NACG) - November 2019 events
Here you can register for the NACG symposium and / or workshop that will take place in Oslo, November 2019.
NACG symposium: 19. - 20. Nov 2019 (lunch to lunch)
NACG workshops: 20. - 21. Nov 2019 (lunch to lunch)

For more informaiton about the events, please visit

For any questions regarding the NACG symposium or workshop please contact Guro Meldre Pedersen ( or the respective working group coordinators:
- Benchmarking, harmonization and standardization: /
- Structural variants: /
- Bioinformatics tools development:
- NGS for cancer diagnostics:

Venue: The events will take place at the Veritas centre, Veritasveien 1, Høvik, Norway.

Accomodation: Thon Hotel Oslofjord is located in Sandvika, close to the Veritas centre, and participants can book and pay rooms directly using the event code 28403996 to The price is 1185,- per night in standard rooms, including breakfast. The hotel has reserved up to 50 rooms for the meeting, but will start releasing these rooms after October 1st, after which availability cannot be guaranteed.

Legal conference: Adjacent to the NACG event, there will be a conference on "The legal framework for personalised medicine" (Rettslige reguleringer av persontilpasset medisin) taking place at the same venue, 18.-19. Nov 2019. More information is available through this external link, please spread this information to relevant legal groups in your network:
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NACG symposium (19.-20. Nov - agenda to come)
8th NACG workshop (20.-21. Nov - tentative outline below)
Workshop sessions - tentative topics
Below is a high level outline of the tentative workstreams and topics for the 8th NACG workshop. Your input will help in the prioritization and planning of parallel / serial sessions. Please note that the agenda is work in progress and that there may be changes.

Benchmarking, harmonization and Standardization
• Benchmarking of variant interpretation, especially VUSes
• Consent for NGS
• The perfect requisition

Structural variants
• Benchmarking of SV callers.
• Benchmarking of the SV nomenclature
• Sharing of structural variants

Bioinformatic tools development
• Matchmaker Exchange status update
• Uploading variant classifications to external databases
• Data compression
• Structural variants tools

NGS for Cancer Diagnostics
• Pipelines for somatic sequencing: Technology choice, processes, and bioinformatics
• Verification and Validation approaches

Seed topic:
• IVDR - how to address the upcoming regulations?

...and we will try and arrange an informal Duckup-session, inviting participants to share their professional failures - the projects or plans that crash and burn - so that we all can learn from them!
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