Docent Application
San Francisco Botanical Garden docents engage with visitors from the Bay Area and beyond, telling stories about the unique plants collected and grown here, and about the importance of plants in our lives. If you'd like to join this awesome team of plant (and people) lovers, tell us a bit about your skills, experience and related education here.

Please submit your application by September 4, 2017 for the Fall Training.

Thank you for your interest!

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Are you over 18 years of age?
Have you visited San Francisco Botanical Garden?
Are you available on Saturdays, September 9 through November 4, to attend docent training?
Please share any concerns you have about attending the training.
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Can you commit to a year of leading on-site interpretation activities in the Garden on WEEKENDS for 3 hrs per month after completing the training?
Please share any concerns you have about committing to this program for at least one year.
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Are you aware of the training fee? ($75 members; $125 non-members, includes a membership).
Are you currently a member of San Francisco Botanical Garden Society (SFBGS)?
Are you comfortable interacting with the public?
Tell us about your experience working or volunteering with the public, such as public speaking, presentations, or as a guide or educator. What did you enjoy about this experience? What was a challenge for you?
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Briefly describe your experience (i.e. education or employment history) with plants. What draws you to the natural world?
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What motivates you to become a docent at San Francisco Botanical Garden?
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What do you hope to contribute to the Garden, as a volunteer/docent?
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How did you learn about this program?
Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
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