Opening Influenza Research Project: Pre-Submission Inquiry Form
About the Project: Flu Lab, PLOS, and the Center for Open Science are collaborating to alter detrimental incentives to influenza research and to encourage the availability of all findings that contribute to the influenza body of knowledge.

Researchers interested in submitting proposals must fill out this form. A member of the COS project team will respond within four business days. This pre-inquiry form will be used to determine basic eligibility. If your project is deemed eligible, you will be asked to submit your complete manuscript to PLOS ONE (details are available on

For questions about this form or the project in general, please contact
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8. If you selected "Newly Proposed Replication Study", please provide the total amount requested (in USD; maximum award, $25,000)
9. If you selected "Newly Proposed Replication Study", please provide a brief budget detail and justification, outlining how project funds would be used. (Note: COS does not support overhead costs for grants of less than $50K. Project costs cannot be used to support personnel time.)
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