APGAW membership application form

The aim of APGAW is to provide an impartial forum within Parliament to influence public policy and legislation to improve animal welfare.

It does this by:
* Raising awareness of animal welfare related issues in Parliament.
* Improving the protection of animals by influencing Westminster policy and legislation.
* Providing an unbiased forum to discuss and debate topical animal welfare issues.
* Facilitating the sharing of knowledge and information about developments in animal welfare.
* Advising, and making recommendations to Government, on improving education and enforcement concerning animal welfare.

This application form must be filled in as accurately as possible to ensure you/your organisation can be considered for Associate membership of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW). If this is not filled in and fees are not paid then you cannot be an Associate member of APGAW.

Once this form has been filled in an invoice will be sent to the applicant asking for membership fees to be paid for the year. If you are not sure which category your membership falls into please contact APGAW at admin@apgaw.org The membership rates for the year April 2015 - April 2016 are as follows:
Commercial - £100.00
Professional or Trade body - £100.00
Public sector - £50.00
Big charity (with income over £5,000,000) - £50.00
Small charity (with income under £5,000,000) - £25.00
Individual - £15.00

Associate members of APGAW must agree to abide by the terms of membership as follows:
1. Associate membership runs according to the financial year (e.g. payments made in June 2015 will be back-dated to April 2015 and will run until March 31st 2016) upon payment of relevant fees.
2. Associate membership is at the discretion of the political Officers of the Group and may be rescinded where members do not abide by the conditions of membership.
3. Associate members are expected to be respectful of other members’ views and opinions (including political members) and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and could lead to termination of membership.
4. Charitable membership entitles the holder to send up to two representatives to each meeting.
5. Corporate membership and Professional/Trade Associations may send up to three representatives to each meeting.
6. Individual membership is designed for those qualified and interested in the animal welfare field but are not representatives of specific bodies or organisations.
7. All Associate members may nominate any other individual from their organisation to attend meetings in their place.
8. APGAW does not endorse the views or policies of any individual member or organisation member however Associate members are allowed to state they are a member of APGAW and that they share the aim and objectives of the Group but they are not allowed to use the APGAW logo in any of their communications without the explicit permission of the Secretariat.
9. The Associate membership fees are clearly set out in the application form and will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted at the discretion of the Officers of the Group.

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