Registration form UTKA Ultimate
Filling in this form completely and submitting it suffices to officially become a member of student sports association UTKA Ultimate (KvK nr: 56611021).
This also means that you accept the official articles of association written on the 12th of December 2012 and approved by all members, and hence know the responsibilies that go with it, as described in the articles of association. (That basically means that you have to pay for your membership and don't do anything damaging or offensive.)
It also means that you accept our privacy policy (which says how we handle all information about members).
The articles of association ("Statuten" in Dutch) can be found at, and the privacy policy can be found at
Unfortunately for those of you that don't speak Dutch, the articles of association and privacy policy are written in Dutch. As they are written now, they have been officially approved by a notary so we can not simply translate them into English. Should you have any questions about the articles of association, please contact us.
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Agreement and digital signing
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Submitting the form
When you submit this form, a copy will be sent to the administration of UTKA Ultimate.
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