Pillar Woodlawn "Men's Advance 2017"
"Put on the Armor"

Join us for a time away from the noise of the city for an opportunity to advance in our devotion to God, our love for each other, and to have some good ole' fashioned fun.

We will be departing the evening of Nov. 9th from Pillar Woodlawn. (We are trying to accommodate everyone who wants to go so the actual time of departure will be determined by when the last person can arrive. This will likely be between 4pm and 6pm. We will send out notification prior to departure once we have coordinated the actual time.)
We will return to Pillar Woodlawn Saturday evening, Nov 11th.

We will be riding together in the Pillar1 van from Pillar Woodlawn. We will be traveling to Pastor Hamilton's family hunting cabin in the beautiful vast wilderness of northern Pennsylvania. The nearest town is Wilcox, PA. This cabin is really a three bedroom house in the woods. Beds are provided but everyone must bring their own sleeping system (sleeping bag/sheets/blankets/pillows/stuffed animals, etc.) Onsite shower is available but water is limited so we must keep that in mind (i.e. no sauna time). Please bring your own towels and personal items.

Temperatures will be on the cold side so pack warmer than you would for Virginia.

We will be spending our time in a guided study through the book of Ephesians by utilizing various Christian spiritual disciplines. Please be sure to bring a Bible, notebook, and preferred writing instrument. In addition, we will be enjoying numerous meals together as well as free time for other activities (such as shooting, hiking, or leisure).

The cost to cover lodging is $40 for two nights. Extra contributions toward gas and food are appreciated but not required.

Pillar Woodlawn CORE Groups will be supplying the food while on site. Everyone can bring their own extra items as well.

For even more information, contact: Hamilton George - hamilton@pillarwoodlawn.com

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