Summer 20/20 Patch Program
Thank you for completing another week of the Summer 2020 Patch Program! Please fill out the survey below so that we may track your progress. Please submit your answers by 5pm each Saturday.

Please note: If you are submitting information for multiple weeks (if you missed a week), please submit your information for each week separately. This will help us easily track and record your progress.
Name that you registered with, either a nickname you created or full name (must use this name each week for accurate tracking. Please note that if you accidentally use more than one name, as long as you use the same email address at the bottom of this survey, we can track your answers accurately.) *
Week *
Good deed: *
Badge requirement (example- #1 of Trail Adventurer for Daisies): *
Thought for the week, using 5 words or less (example- I love summer 2020!): *
Parent name: *
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