#FitatLely | Registration Masterclass Breathing 08-04
Masterclass Breathing: Thursday April 8 from 11.00 - 12.00am.
This class takes place via MS Teams.

Breathing is probably one of the most underestimated elements in improving vitality. Many innovations in our modern society provide great convenience and unprecedented opportunities. But they also bring about a change in our lifestyle: we exercise too little, eat too much and are unhealthy and our brains are on all day. This leads to a growing number of health problems.

We breathe automatically and therefore we don't think about it too much. Unnoticed, the changed lifestyle leads us to breathe faster and faster. This results in an increased heart rate, blood pressure and a reduction in our energy level and focus. If this persists for too long, an imbalance occurs in the body resulting in all kinds of complaints such as back, neck, shoulder and headaches. In the long run it can even lead to burn-out and chronic diseases. Because it happens automatically and unconsciously, we do not make a link with the complaints and we are never taught how to breathe properly.

In this Masterclass all the ins and outs of breathing are explained and you go to work yourself to put what you have learned into practice right away. In this way you will find out that breathing is free, but good breathing is priceless.

Try to make sure that you enable yourself to follow what you actually sign up for.

Date: 8 April 2021
Duration Masterclass: 60 minutes
Language: English
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Martijn Rodijk (expert)
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