Greetings Lakeview Pointe Friends!
We hope that you are still one of many who are interested in calling Lakeview Pointe your home! Construction is still underway at our new senior (55+) independent living community at 7420 Lakeview Parkway in beautiful Rowlett, Texas! Our Construction schedule currently indicates that apartment homes will be available in the fall, with full completion by year-end. We will do our best to update you promptly as specific dates emerge.

We would greatly appreciate your responses to the following questions... your answers will help us organize your desired location and logistical data into our database. Again, we thank you for your continued interest in the Lakeview Pointe Community, and we will stay in touch!

Our Property Manager will be available beginning May 4 at the following email address:, or by phone, at 469.613.5347.

PS: The Lakeview Pointe Site and Floor Plans are now available on the Amenities page at! Also, connect with us on Facebook!
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