Open Practice Sessions for Drama Therapy Online
Drawing from principles of open-space design and mutual aid, Nisha Sajnani and Mark Beauregard are offering 3 practice sessions for drama therapists, drama therapy students, and drama therapy educators on June 23rd, July 7th, and July 21st from 12-1:30 EDT. Each session will feature an introduction and breakout rooms for 2 workshop blocks lasting 30 min. each led by those of you who propose to demonstrate or workshop an idea that could be used in individual or drama therapy group work. Each session will close with a group discussion. These practice sessions are organized and available free of charge. Instead, if you are able, we ask you to make a donation to the Black Lives Matter Movement to maintain momentum for racial justice, the Human Rights Campaign which continues to lead advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and/or Hetrick Martin Institute which has a strong drama therapy presence and provides a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ youth.
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