Practice Searching the History of an Image
For all of these examples, you can either follow the link to the image or you can use reverse image search directly from this page.

If you want to search images by right-clicking on them, make sure you're using the Google Chrome browser. Otherwise, you'll need to search them using TinEye.
Protest Photo
There have been a lot of images circulating about lockdown protests. Many are real, but many have been photoshopped.

Here's one image that went viral showing the words "Your health is not more important than my liberties" painted onto a car. Words on signs, t-shirts, and posters are some of the easiest things to manipulate.

Whenever we see an image with text that could make someone feel a strong emotional response (whether they agree or disagree with it), we should search the history of the image to see if it's real.
Is this image real or has it been manipulated? *
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