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If you're potentially interested in taking 6.849 (Geometric Folding Algorithms), for credit or as a listener, please (1) sign up for an account at https://coauthor.csail.mit.edu and (2) fill out this form.

If you're ever no longer interested in the class, just unsubscribe from the mailing list via https://lists.csail.mit.edu/mailman/listinfo/6849-students

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How likely would you be to come to office hours if they exist?
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If there were weekly screenings of the lecture videos in a reserved classroom with a member of the 6.849 staff around to ask questions, how likely would you be to come?
I might occasionally come if they exist.
I'd keep that part of my weekly schedule clear to attend regularly
To get to know you and your background better, please fill out this survey. Don't be scared! None of these topics are required knowledge (though knowing at least one will help).
no knowledge
know a little
mostly know
Origami (folding crane, folding crease patterns, designing models)
CAD (Rhino, SolidWorks, AutoCAD)
Art/design/fabrication (rapid prototyping, sculpture, models, sketching)
Programming (Python, JavaScript, C++)
Algorithms/complexity (asymptotics, big-oh, dynamic programming, NP/PSPACE-completeness)
Discrete math (proofs by induction, probability, binomial coefficients, graphs with nodes and edges, spanning trees, planarity, Hamiltonicity)
Continuous math (continuity, differentiability, affine transforms, matrix multiplication, rank, linear independence)
What are your goals for the class? Is there anything else that you'd like the staff to know?
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