The Most Excellent Band Survey Ever. In the whole history of surveys...
Share your thoughts, opinions, and feedback on the 2016-2017 Riverdale Band
Your name... First, Last (example, Peter Parker, Wonder Woman...or Diana Prince...) *
Your class period (you know, the daily time period when you see Mr. A & Mr. C waving a stick...) *
Including Middle School, many years have you been in band? *
Of all the pep band music we play, tell use your favorite songs (list as many as you want)
Are there any pep songs you'd like the band to play? If so, list the song and artist below. Or, if you've heard another band play it, tell us which band.
What was your favorite moment of marching band last fall? Why was it your fave?
What was your least favorite moment of marching band last fall? Why?
For our new members, at what point did you start to feel comfortable with the marching band process?
What could we do as a band to help new members feel more welcome?
What was your favorite contest last fall (Clarksville, Station Camp, MTSU, APSU)? Why did you like it?
What was your LEAST favorite contest last fall (Clarksville, Station Camp, MTSU, APSU)? Why?
What advice would you give to a new member to make band camp easier? (example, "Wear enough sunscreen to look like Casper the Ghost," or, "Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...and drink lots of water!"
If asked for a marching band testimonial, what would you say? (example, "Marching band is fun! Marching band is neat! Marching Band makes me want to move my feet!"
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