SCP Unearthed Unban Appeal Form
This form is to appeal a ban on the SCP Unearthed Discord or SL Server. Please fill in all details asked or your application may be denied. Be truthful. If you are found to be lying your appeal will be denied. If your appeal is denied and you receive a message from staff stating you are no longer eligible for appeals, do not attempt to complete one.

For your information:

This appeal will be looked over by the ban appeal manager. Any predisposed bias or conflict will be taken into account but we will strive to reduce bias affecting voting. IF bias is perceived then we will increase the number of people voting on the appeal and revoke those with bias's opinion in the matter. This is to give everyone a fair chance.

Note: Emails are collected to reduce spam and abuse of this form. Your information will not be shared or moved from this form.
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