Event application form for Platform6 5th floor event space
Want to organise an event an event at Platform6 5th floor event space? Great! Just fill out this form!

Anyone can host an event on the 5th floor, as long as the participants, target group, or agenda is entrepreneurial related. You can host private events (invite only), member events (for Platform6 members) or open events (for anyone).

The 5th floor sauna will always be included in the space booking, and cannot be booked separately.
Name of the organising entity / organisation / company *
Name and contact information of the organiser *
When will the event take place? *
What time will the event be happening? *
NOTICE! During working hours on weekdays the event space operates as the living room, lounge and lunch area for the members of the house. It can mainly only be booked after 16:00. Exceptions are possible with our discretion.
Will the event be open, for Platform6 members or private? *
NOTICE! If the event is private, you will be charged an 80€ fee of the closed space services provided by Tribe Tampere (i.e. cleaning up the sauna afterwards)
What is the topic and content of the event *
Who is the target group of the event? *
Will the event be on-site, online or hybrid? *
Will you be needing a live stream camera set up and crew? *
What is the marketing plan of the event? Will you need support from Tribe to the event marketing? *
Tribe would like to have their logo on your event marketing materials, as the supporting partner of the event. *
Tribe would like to have someone in the event to tell shortly about what Tribe does, and tell a bit more about the house. *
In open and private events, the organiser is required to have a person downstairs to welcome the guests and guide them to the 5th floor *
For open events there MUST be a registration to ensure that COVID recommendations are not exceeded. If you are having an open event, what registration platform will you be using?
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