Asian Waterbird Census Wetland Assessment Form 2019

The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) is an international programme that focuses on monitoring the status of waterbirds and wetlands. It also aims to increase public awareness on issues related to wetland and waterbird conservation. The census is carried out each January as a voluntary activity at national and local level. The AWC is co-ordinated by Wetlands International as part of global programme, the “International Waterbird Census” (

The census has three major objectives:
1. To obtain information on an annual basis of waterbird populations at wetlands in the region during the non-breeding period of most species (January), as a basis for evaluation of sites and monitoring of populations.
2. To monitor on an annual basis the status and condition of wetlands.
3. To encourage greater interest in waterbirds and wetlands amongst people, and thereby promote the conservation of wetlands and waterbirds in the country and region.

AWC counts are organised in a country by a national or regional coordinator and their teams ( Counters are encouraged to send their count information to the coordinator as soon as possible following the count. In addition to the standard AWC count information, counters are encouraged to complete the AWC Wetland Status Assessment Form. This provides valuable information for conservation activities at the local, national and international level. The form allows you to enter information on the status, uses and threats to the wetland you have covered during the AWC 2019 count.

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This form requests the following information: Basic information on the wetland, Visit Conditions, Wetland Characteristics, Main Uses and Threats to the Wetland and threats to the waterbirds.

Please submit only one form per site covered. We encourage you to use the same site name as used for the AWC counts - you can double check the correct names with coordinators. This is important to enable long-term monitoring of sites and birds between years.

For large-sized sites (we call these parent sites) with well known and clearly demarcated sub-sites (or count unit area), it is necessary to submit a form for each sub-site. It is important to be able to identify the name of the sub-site clearly, for e.g. Chilika Lake--Mangalajodi; Chilika Lake--Nalabana, are two separate sub-sites within the Chilika Lake. It is possible that you will cover such sub-sites on different days or by different teams covering sub-sites simultaneously. The Coordinator/ Wetlands International can review the counts and can combine accurately.

Please share your checklists with our eBird handle AWC-Asia.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in and submit your complete waterbird count and AWC Wetland Assessment Form. Your contribution to wetland and waterbird conservation is greatly appreciated.

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