Camera Course Registration 2018: DSLR NEXT STEPS
5 week course designed to help you understand more of the advanced features of your DSLR
Each session will run for 2 hours
Tutor is Professional Photographer and an experienced, qualified educator
* To increase learner's knowledge of metering, colour balance, B&W photography
* Allow learners to manually adjust colour settings, metering options and explore exposure options confidently.
* Empower learners to confidently shoot in B&W and use internal and external filters.

Week 1:
White Balance
Practical Assignment Brief

Week 2:
Review Practical Assignment
Metering/ Bracketing
Practical Assignment Brief

Week 3:
Review Practical Assignment
Shooting in B&W
Practical Assignment Brief

Week 4:
Review Practical Assignment
Creative Composition
Practical Assignment Brief

Week 5:
Review Practical Assignment

DSLR or Compact Systems Camera (Mirrorless)
PC/ Laptop/Tablet
USB Pen Drive 1GB minimum Capacity

Full Height Tripod
Remote Control/ Cable Release
Ultra Violet / Protection Filter

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