Alexanders Angels - 2018 - PLEASE READ this section and answer all questions in Section 2
LOCATION: Sunken Meadow State Park, 1 Sunken Meadow Pkwy, Kings Park, NY 11754

REPORT TIMES: Senior Staff: 0815 - Cadet Staff - 0815 - All others - 0830.

SAFETY BRIEFING: 0845. The daily Safety Briefing is not optional - ALL MEMBERS are expected to attend.

"If you're early, you're on-time. If you're on-time, you're late. If you're late, go home."

PARENTS - Pick-up Time: 3:00 - 4:00. If anyone other than your cadet's parent or guardian is picking them up after the event, you MUST provide a letter (or email) authorizing us to release your cadet to this other person. Parents are respectfully requested to make every effort to pick-up on time. We understand that traffic and distance will be an issue. Many of our Senior Members and Cadet Staff will be working all day and it isn't fair to them if you are very late. They must wait until the last cadet is picked-up to leave themselves.

CADETS MAY NOT: wander off alone, go anywhere near the beach without explicit permission and a senior member present, have any contraband items (there will be a gear check). Excessive cell phone use will result in a senior member holding your phone until dismissal.

CONTRABAND ITEMS: Weapons of any kind including all knives in 24-hour packs, video games, sports equipment (baseballs, footballs, etc), energy drinks, vaping equipment. All contraband items will be held by a senior member and returned at the end of the day.

U.O.D.: BDU / ABU, Corporate Uniform, or Cadet Alternate Uniform. All uniforms must comply with CAPM 39-1.

REQUIRED ITEMS: CAPID, (2) CAPF-161, CAPF-60-80 (Cadets), (2) 16-oz. Water Bottles or equivalent, snacks and a bagged lunch. Work gloves would be helpful while folding chairs and tables at the end of the event.

PLEASE EAT BREAKFAST prior to arriving in the morning. Recent experience has taught us that cadets do not fully understand this requirement. We mean eating a balanced breakfast; not having a few cough drops, a piece of candy, a can of soda or beef jerky.

If you are not feeling well, please stay home and send an LOA to Capt DelOrfano at

NOTE: that this event takes place in the middle of fall, and the weather may be changeable. Please wear a warm coat (civilian OK) as we will be on the water and it may be windy. Be prepared by watching the weather report the night before. Bring a rain poncho if the weather forecast calls for rain.

IMPORTANT - all bags and backpacks are subject to search. DO NOT bring any knives or other weapons with you as you may be turned away! This applies to survival knives in 24-hour packs and pocket knives.

I have read, understand and agree to follow all instructions and requirements in section 1 *
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