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Do you have a LMS in place? If so, which one? *
Do you provide Service/Sales in multiple languages? If so, which ones? *
What problems are you having with your current KMS Solution(s)? *
What problems are you trying to solve with a new KMS Solution? *
What Features Are You Looking For in a KMS? *
Is there anything that you are doing with knowledge today that is working well that you want to keep or build upon? *
Can you list all the places where information is stored for agents, partners and customers?  It could be a network drive, other applications, email, paper handouts, etc.). How is each being used? *
About How Many Documents? *
Where are your documents and training materials stored? *
What content types do you use today (ie, wikis and plain text, images, word docs, pdfs, etc...)? *
Are you are using only a small set of certain types of content - is that due to a limitation? (content restriction, coding requirements) or by design. If limited are you looking to leverage different content formats, like video, workflow decision trees, ppts, etc... *
 Do you currently use decision trees to guide your partners and customers through complex processes and procedures? Why or why not? *
Is knowledge use currently tied to any KPI’s? If so, please list. If not, why and do you expect this to change with your contact center transformation project? *
How is your agent population currently organized? For example, do you have a T1/T2 structure, do you have teams based on the type of interaction (subscriptions/purchases, product information, et.), universal agents, or some other type of setup? *
ROI QUESTIONS: ROI is mainly going to be driven by eliminating wasted agent time and driving down AHT, so we look to understand how agents/admins are spending time and how difficult finding/managing information is. Can you describe wasted time? *
ROI QUESTIONS: For agents, how does search actually work, is it keyword where lots of results are returned or are you spending hours training folks on a folder structure, how do the agents/employees know what is the right article and do you think they have to look at multiple articles.   *
ROI QUESTIONS: For KM administration items - ie, on how you manage change in regards to KM - content team structure, how often changes are happening, how do you have visibility to content health today, how do you receive and manage feedback from agents, what is the workflow process is to communicate changes and track admins work, what is the process to update agents on changes - email/slack/other methods, etc... *
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