Political Science Department Internship Evaluation
This is a survey about your experience during your internship!  

Please be as honest as possible in your responses--your answers will NOT influence whether you receive credit for the internship and are for internal use only.  

Your feedback is very helpful for us.  Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions as best as possible.  
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Where did you do your internship?
Please list the full specific name of the institution.  For example, The Global Studies Group at the Susan Wiley Institute.  
Was your internship paid?
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Please list any free items you received at your internship?
For example, did you get free lunch, free metro tickets, access to special events, free books, etc.  
Please select the type of work you did at your internship.
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Please give us a brief description of what you feel that you learned during your internship.  
Do you feel that your internship helped you expand on skills and knowledge you are learning at GW?
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Did you have a positive internship experience overall?
It was an AMAZING experience!
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Please briefly tell us the BEST PART about your internship.
Please briefly tell us the WORST PART about your internship.
Were you treated professionally and appreciated by your internship employers?
They did NOT treat me respect or kindness at all!
They treated me professionally and with respect!
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How do you feel that the internship will help you on your career path?
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How did you find your internship?
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How did the internship affect the other classes you took that semester?
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Do you think the internship was worthwhile for you?
It was a WASTE of time!
It was VERY worthwhile!
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Would you recommend your same internship to another student?
I would NEVER recommend this internship to anyone!
I would STRONGLY recommend my internship to other students!
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