President's Award Form
To be eligible for this award, you must answer "yes" to at least two of the numbered yes/no questions on this form. Begin by entering the email address of the individual submitting this form. This form is due on March 15.
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1. Did your chapter participate in any meetings that are consistent with the slogan, "Each One, Bring One" or "Each One, Reach One," by inviting new recruits to participate in your chapter's activities? *
2. Did your chapter participate in any activities that are consistent with the slogan, "Each One, Choose One" or have activities that supported a state, local or International project having anything to do with Creating Hopeful Learning Environments? *
3. Following the slogan, "Each One, Coach One," did your chapter create mentors or attend or sponsor a member to learn about leadership opportunities and responsibilities, resulting in building leadership capacity in your chapter? *
4. Following the slogan, "Each One, Touch One," did your chapter help Create a Hopeful Learning Organization in DKG by sharing a meeting with another chapter or by having members attend a Coordinating Council event? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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