Fall 2020: Student Learning Survey
Our principals and staff are in the process of developing schedules and planning for the August 31st start of school.   We are now asking families to choose an in-person model or distance learning model.   The choice between distance or in-person learning will determine how your child begins the school year.   We still have a great deal of work before us in refining our distance learning model and anticipate having more specifics coming next week. To inform our planning efforts, we do need to know the student learning choice. To assist in decision-making the following provisions will be in place in our schools for students and staff.
1. Decreasing class size from grades 6-12 in full implementation to 15 and restricting class size to stable pods to 30 adults and students in full in person or approximately 15 in limited in person combined in K-5
2. Providing surgical masks 
3. Providing face shields (staff and some students)
4.Instituting 6 feet distance where possible between staff and students
5. Providing distanced areas for planning and lunch for all staff
6. Providing barriers where close proximity is expected,
7. Deep disinfecting continually throughout the school day and again at night
8. Providing teachers with classroom supply of disinfecting materials 
9. Having students use sanitizer before entering and leaving the room
10. Requiring the use of masks at all times for staff and students who are medically able 
12. Providing dividers and face shields where students are unable to wear masks
13. Creating opportunities for staff and students to learn and take breaks outdoors with appropriate social distancing 
14. Adding Merv 13 filters to all schools
15. Following/exceeding CDC guidelines for classroom ventilation

*Please fill out a form for each student in your family.
If you select the in-person or distance learning model and change your mind after August 7th, we ask that you notify your child's principal or guidance counselor as soon as possible to help us plan for re-entry with the most up to date information.
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