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The Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists (ROSES) summer school is being offered again in 2021! Please fill out the form below to register.

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Use this scale to describe your current proficiency with the five scientific computing tools below.
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1 = Beginning — Used it only a few times. Rough knowledge of very basic concepts and techniques.

2 = Developing — Used it occasionally for structured homework assignments, self-guided tutorials, or for minor modifications of existing code copied from other locations.

3 = Functional — Can use independently to write basic code from scratch and identify and employs existing code to accomplish a narrow range of tasks. Able to occasionally support others in troubleshooting.

4 = Working — Efficiently writes code to accomplish tasks often integrating improved or redesigned existing code. Able to share expertise with others to develop approaches and solve problems.

5 = Expert — Insightfully writes code, and strategically selects, combines, and invents solutions to accomplish wide range of tasks. Demonstrates knowledge of trends in the field and is sought out by others for technical expertise and knowledge and for troubleshooting of complex technical issues.
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Workshop intentions
People register for online workshops for a variety of reasons. Which of the following best describes you?
Can you commit to attending all 10 ROSES units (and the introductory unit) this summer, either synchronously or asynchronously? *
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By checking "Yes" below, you affirm that you have discussed ROSES 2021 with your advisor/supervisor and are in agreement about your participation and the associated time commitment (~2 hours/week) throughout the summer. *
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